It's still Dark, but sometimes I see the Stars

For the past 10 years, I’ve asked myself, what is the point for being alive if I cannot feel the joy — if I don’t even want to exist? “Living with depression” — it’s like there is a tall, thick wall built in front of my heart, and nothing can pass through. Sunlight, happiness, and hopes are blocked out. Darkness, dread, and desperation are locked in. It’s like living in a Black Hole, and I don’t know how long I still need to stay. At times, I begin to see the stars. Even though there are not many, and they are so tiny, they are bright and stunning, right there, shining on me. You, each one of you, are the stars in my firmament, are the stars that keep me alive.

The project “It’s still Dark, but sometimes I see the Stars” has attempted to explore and convey the inexpressible feelings that relate to the personal experiences of depression — not only the negativity and sufferings that brought by depression, but also those little hope and light received from my surroundings that supports me to be alive.

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