It Suits You Well

I fight the battle against reproduction and am constantly trying to defy the inner questions and fears of regretting the decision against motherhood one day. As a 37-year-old woman, it doesn't just feel like a race against time.

I ask humans and then simple artificial intelligences for the reason of mother-or fatherhood and do not get an answer. As the only consequence App's generate bad variants of my possible future children.

It is an invisible struggle whose inner conflict I want to visualize through my work.

Through a playful display of myself as a mother, I'm slowly approaching feelings that need to be explored and am trying to get a useful response.

I observe my environment, in which many get pregnant or already have children.

What does a contrast of real mothers and me the fake mom, looks like?

Are we not equal? Why does it feel that way?

It's a kind of lobbying I do for us women who don't want to have children or can't have them either. The topic of motherhood is not only private but on the contrary, also very political. The work also deals with questions about the future. What constitutes family? But also what technological tools are now available for those who cannot become pregnant for natural reasons? Furthermore one must also ask what the respective decisions have for ecological consequences.

© Jannike Stelling - Virtual Mother

Virtual Mother

© Jannike Stelling - Happy Baby

Happy Baby

© Jannike Stelling - (Fake Mum) Posing

(Fake Mum) Posing

© Jannike Stelling - Daugther‘s and Son‘s

Daugther‘s and Son‘s

© Jannike Stelling - Stakeholder


© Jannike Stelling - 7 Of 9 Becoming A Real Woman

7 Of 9 Becoming A Real Woman

© Jannike Stelling - Vulvahill


© Jannike Stelling - Child‘s Painting

Child‘s Painting

© Jannike Stelling - Pretty Laying Hen

Pretty Laying Hen

© Jannike Stelling - Fitting Me Well

Fitting Me Well

© Jannike Stelling - Empiric Examination

Empiric Examination

© Jannike Stelling - Baby In A State Of Kicking

Baby In A State Of Kicking

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