The project investigating the effect of the large-scale dam building on the natural and social landscape of the ancient town of Hasankeyf in Southern Turkey. It investigates the transition and displacement of people from the old town to the ‘new Hasankeyf.

For this project, I want to look at the region of southern Turkey on the Tigris River and in particular the town of Hassankeyf. The town is set to be flooded by the end of this year due to a dam being been built 75 km away from it. Hassankeyf is an Ancient village that’s stood for 12,000 years and is due to be evacuated in October 2019.

Although there has been a lot of protests against the damming project from the local Hasankeyf community I am interested to capture people going about their everyday lives days before the evacuation trying to make the most out of the tourist season and almost not acknowledging the disaster that’s about to happen.

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