Fitter, Happier, and More Productive

In the early years of my life I did not use the internet and three-dimensional virtual worlds. Everything took place in the physical world. Gradually an increasing part of my life started to take place in a virtual online environment. Playing on the corner of the street turned into playing in an online lobby. Staring at the ceiling turned into endless scrolling. Friends turned into digital avatars. In ‘Fitter, Hapier, and More Productive’, I use the aesthetic and technology of a dystopian virtual world to look back on my internet and screenless years. With CGI (computer-generated imagery) and photography I question the value of places like VR chat and Second Life. What is the future of fantasy and play in a virtual world?

© Joeri Boelhouwer - The birthday party

The birthday party

© Joeri Boelhouwer - The treehouse

The treehouse

© Joeri Boelhouwer - The drive

The drive

© Joeri Boelhouwer - The subway

The subway

© Joeri Boelhouwer - The family vacation

The family vacation

© Joeri Boelhouwer - The evening

The evening

© Joeri Boelhouwer - The lake

The lake

© Joeri Boelhouwer - The computer room

The computer room

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