This body of work originated in Tehuantepec’s isthmus in Mexico, a land that historically has always been the subject of numerous tales and depictions- portrayals from travelers, academics and artists. The majority of these works was focused on the women that inhabit this region, most of it it is undeniably powerful, elegant and independent.

More that continuing pursuing this kind of narration, these months in Mexico brought me to deal with a simple latent - veiled - abeyant desire, which evidently is the need to not being represented by a patriarchal gaze.

This project for me might just be a small attempt to destructure the ISTMENO female imaginary which has always been surrounded by a lot of pretension and presumptions.

These women’s stories travel among a contemporaneity that is beginning to make noise, people want to overturn the prejudices and archetypes built over time, by building new sets of rules, touching the feminine scope through a symbology that is linked to power, to erotism, mystery and nostalgia.

This series is above all my personal experiment to sabotage- demolish - undermine all of the milestones that our society expects women to achieve, to play with them, to provoke and disrupt the fertile ground of tradition.

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