Closer To the Bone

'Closer To the Bone' is an ongoing observation and contemplation of vision, influenced by my experience working as an ophthalmic photographer. I encountered thousands of people’s eyes and photographed them, in order to help treat their vision and health. As a result, I am interested in the various ways in which vision shapes our world and the perception of it.

The advancement of imaging technology such as AI and machine vision has made ‘seeing’ an increasingly complex sensory activity. The inexhaustible cycle of distributing and consuming images has influenced the way we understand and misunderstand the world. In this condition, what does it mean to see and to be seen? What does it mean to make photographs? What lies under the surface?

In this ongoing series, I combine photographs made in technology conventions and museum displays, with photographs from the visceral moments that I encounter in my daily surroundings. The sequence of the photographs plays an essential role in my work, as I view the breadth of the series as a whole rather than single images. I embrace ambiguity in the way that my photographs are presented, to evoke interpretive narratives to form through the relations between the photographs.

Altogether, this body of work explores the trajectorial relation between vision and visibility – how we view the machine, how the machine views us, and how we view ourselves through the eyes of the machine.

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Grounded, 2022

Grounded, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Skins, 2021

Skins, 2021

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Sleep Study (Side), 2022

Sleep Study (Side), 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Like You, 2022

Like You, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Sleep Study (Front), 2022

Sleep Study (Front), 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Nephew's Ceiling, 2022

Nephew's Ceiling, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Points, 2022

Points, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Siegfried, Roy, Tiger, 2022

Siegfried, Roy, Tiger, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Cosmopolitan, 2022

Cosmopolitan, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Hibernation, 2022

Hibernation, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Homes Without Doors, 2022

Homes Without Doors, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - the button to see, 2022

the button to see, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - 35 star constellation, 2022

35 star constellation, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - From there to here, 2022

From there to here, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Contact, 2022

Contact, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - You're not really there, 2022

You're not really there, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Breed, 2022

Breed, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Objects in mirror are closer than they smell, 2022

Objects in mirror are closer than they smell, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - Pleasure, 2022

Pleasure, 2022

© Kyle Gyumin Dong - So Soon, 2022

So Soon, 2022

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