Blank Verse

I am fascinated by the almost limitless potential of this medium to allow us to borrow the camera's eyes and experiment creatively with the collective unconscious and patterns of human thought. Through photography, we can share new visual elements that help us feel part of a context where we can share perspectives, no matter how unusual they seem, and reach a common destination - the viewer's senses and unique identity.

My sense of reality is often affected by a tendency to see inaccurately. Having my very own bizarre way of looking and making connections of facts

and notions, I often project my feelings onto others. I end up lead to a need to borrow other people’s “eyes”, to show what is really there or look at myself and give information and feedback. By observing closely, reading between the lines, and testing various mechanisms of looking, I strive to find answers.

According to psychology, this particular imbalance in vision may stem from a broken self-image established by the way we were raised, making it difficult to answer the questions "Who am I?" and "Who is the other?".

In my work, I experiment with a post-representational approach inspired by Symbolism and Archetypes for the collective and individual unconsciousness.

The ongoing project "Blank Verse" focuses on observing and searching deeply within the soul and inner landscape of others, exploring the symbols created by those landscapes as we journey to know ourselves better. It is inspired by the melancholy feeling that comes from the difficulty of understanding and trusting others or our own senses.

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