What happens when a circle begins? You know the circle will end.

What happens when a circle begins? You know the circle will end. The matter is how, is it gonna end. (The matter is, how can you know how is it gonna end?) A photographer finds a story, it’s not like he’d been imagining it, but merely how it deserves to be. Skin is a boundary [hence] an opportunity.

Urban life has become a labyrinth of isolation. Never feeling at home, the inability to communicate, both factors of a painful human existence. I met Asan in Paris. I've been engaged by his anxious escaping and seeking, hiding and revealing himself, involved in his nomadic and visceral relation with people and spaces. For over a year I've been traveling across Europe and Asia, into the cities where he grew up. To me he is not only a person but also a symbol. Through his unique personality and outlook, I have witnessed the complex relationship between man and his environment. “Asankojo” focuses on an intimate story in order to analyze contemporary living conditions.

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