"Nothing is penetrated, or atoms or souls. So nothing has nothing. " (Pessoa)

Physics tells us that the connection between the objects is impossible, because the atoms never touch each other, and what the touch or sight perceived as a contact, always equate to a distance between them.

Individuals identified with its externality, their masks and roles, locked within the limits of their self-image, can not be touched or penetrated. In that situation, the frustrated search of real contact, of union with others, with ourselves -also in the mirror reflection and the objects with which we represent- with things, leads to discouragement.

This work seeks to represent this atmosphere of disappointment at the impossibility of full contact, sometimes clear, sometimes unnoticed and subtle, especially present in environments where social life bustles and humans seem to merge.

Archipiélago is available as a photobook

Archipiélago by Hugo Alcol

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