Afropolitan kids

Photography for me is a mix of reality and imagination.

I am passionated by african art and culture while having growing up in a occidental environment and thus always try to transmit this double culture throught my photographs.

This goes from the models to the places, from the decor to the haircut and fashion, I pay attention to every little details.

This approach allowed me to learn more about my own roots and help me define my identity as photograph but also as person since every time I take the process as a whole research.

These past few years I focused on working with African models and designers for editorials that have those same double culture as me and we try to show this new aspect of african art which combines modernity and traditions.

My vision of art has been for a long time binary with on one side African art that I considered traditional and contemporary art that I used to associate to the West.

However, as I grew older, I understood that an element is contemporary in relation to its time but also within a given space and society, so we can invent our own modernity and we have to free me from certain dogmas.

I am happy to be a citizen from the world and to enhance my african roots and inspiration with it.

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