Stephie Braun

2016 - Ongoing

Germany; Portugal; England, United Kingdom; Bali, Indonesia


Every picture a question. Every picture an authority. A flood of images and high spirits during an age where people can’t rescue themselves from watching. From watching themselves on pictures. From the longing of becoming an image. From being liked. Single contexts get shifted, the question of the content permanently poses ques-tions and finds new answers on a daily basis. Photographic storytelling has never been that multifaceted before like in the 21st century.

How does a good picture look like?

Which motives catch the eyes of the viewer the longest?

We have seen so many things before already.

In terms of content, the project places special emphasis on topics such as the new femininity, gender, the difference between self-perception and the perception of others, and identity in the 21st century. A gentle questioning of the technical change as well as the psychological dangers that arise through the use of social media, examines individual motifs that tell their own story in dialogue with other images. This ongoing photographic project tries to make up an visually strong dialog in order to invite the viewer to reconnect to his or her own visually aesthetics and visual origins. It reflects on the photographical medium itself, its boundaries and qualities in the 21st century.

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