Stefania Orfanidou

2018 - Ongoing

'Cache' in computing refers to the hardware or software component that stores data so that future requests can be served faster. It is a place where memory is kept well-hidden from the eye of the user, yet it is all the time present and ready to be recalled.

In this project, I delve into the state of semi-consciousness, by examining those inexplicable fragments of memory that emerge at unexpected moments, when for a split second the perception of the present is getting lost. I collect these fragments, that linger in the in-between of imagination and reality and I attempt to recompose them.

The result could be described as a 'residual' archive, the creation of a new memory in which familiar images that were suppressed in the subconscious - either violently due to a trauma or just because they were considered of less importance - are being recalled back. The process involves layered transitions from different levels of consciousness, with the aim to reach at the deeper and most inaccessible data of the mind, at the place where a personal redemption might be hidden.

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