Laura Fontaine

2018 - Ongoing

I am a Brooklyn based photographer/visual artist who works across portraiture, fashion, landscape, visual reportage, and also abstract photography.

My upbringing in Italy, where I was born and raised, has influenced my visual aesthetics and personal projects’ interests. After the birth of my second daughter in 2009, I had a rebirth away from corporate America.

I have studied photography through classes, seminars, workshops and personal trial and error. I have TA-ed in the dark room at ICP and am currently teaching public middle school photography program and am part of the NYCSPC collective since 2015.

I am a photographer and a visual artist and my work is informed by both of these disciplines. My photography is the underpinning of my visual reportage work. In that regard, I am presenting a body of work from 2018 onwards regarding water. Water becomes an additional dimension, a new lens through which rediscover photography.

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