Fragments of Moroccan Life

Sina Opalka

2017 - Ongoing

Morocco; Safi, Doukkala-Abda, Morocco

In 2016, I traveled to Morocco for the first time. I stayed there for six weeks and had no idea until the very end that this would be the first of a total of twelve trips. What was just a new place in the beginning, a new land and new people, was slowly becoming a foreign home. The experience of everyday life in Morocco, both "inside" and "outside", is like the interweaving of a second reality into the foundation of my imprint. I grew up in Germany and I am the daughter of a mother born in Germany and a father born in Turkey. I've never had much contact with my dad, so this part of my identity often felt like a T-shirt whose print has been cracked and unrecognizable due to too much laundry. My stays in Morocco have become the epitome of this confrontation with the unknown in me. In the weeks and sometimes months, which I mostly spent in Marrakech and Safi, I document emotions that resonate with my sense of the unknown and the familiar. I am an observer and at the same time a participant. If we want to get familiar with something we have to deal with it and invest time.

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  • women talking, man looking

  • This moment kept me standing for quite a while. The girl jumping, having her eyes closed, seemingly free and careless. It brings me to question what freedom really means

  • A boy listening to the weekly happening "hmadscha", a ritual where men sing and play instruments

  • A child and adults starring at something

  • lonely trash bin and moon in Safi

  • kitchen break

  • Prayer Schedule

  • Home shopping, buisness calls and baby sitting.

  • getting prepared for celebration

  • the world on the 1st floor is following strict rules

  • the world on the 2nd floor not so much

  • Amina believes in black magic and shares her thoughts with everyone interested

  • A taxi ride rarely costs mir than 10drh, which is about one Dollar

  • moroccan items

  • Jemaa el Fna

  • Rajan, three years old

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