2020 - Ongoing

OUAS, Once Upon a Summer, is a project that re-contextualizes some of my own previous images with new photographs made during the confinement in 2020, creating with the collection an utopian environment.

This production combines two ideas emerged from the difficult situation lived in the period we were isolated by the covid-19 emergency: one of them, the nostalgia about a time in which we were free and the enjoyment of life seemed truest. This magic time, of no plannings, of holiday, for many of us is the equivalent of summer. I feel now that maybe before confinement we were living an eternal summer without being conscious of it. We know it only now we have lost it.

The other idea present in the serie is the veil: the care, the restriction, this mask that makes our reality poorer, distorted, something that protects us but at the same time stops us from seeing very sharp detail and turns the days maybe a reflexion. Today everything seems wrapped in plastic or lived through a filter, a filter not only phisycal, also emotional and mental.

/ Not seeing, not being seen, horse, child with white face, filter, child with water-shirt, foam, look into a puddle, frost on the aircraft, the sun behind the grass, the landscape behind the landscape, the mountain into the pond, the vase and the ivy, the reflexion on the metal, the water through the pool liner. Fragments /

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