El Guayabo

Solange Adum Abdala



Guayabo is a town located at the south of Lima, in the department of Ica. It is a place inhabited mainly by African descent people, who settle in Perú for more than five centuries, they have established a deep cultural imprint, becoming crucial part of our multi-ethnic nation.

The guayabina population exceeds 500 inhabitants, which mainly dedicates to the cultivation of cotton, acting as a supply networking for micro industry. This fertile area was one of the hardest hited by the earthquake of 2007, but unlike other places, Guayabo hasn´t benefited of channels for humanitarian aid, therefore, the place has undergone a drastic migration process.

Solange Adum´s proposal reveals a deserted landscape, mutilated in their demographics. But in turn, the project reveals a territory, delimited by the coexistence with its inhabitants, it refuses to disappear, showing subtly symbolic and strong signs of life.

The human absence gives the photographs of Adum´s a strongly humanistic character.

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