Al Lado del Petróleo

Solange Adum Abdala


The province of Talara is the most prolific and old oil suction zone in Peru, in the last hundred and fifty years have been found more than six oil centers. Of all the districts in the area, only in the small town of bodies has hosted four formal oil companies.

The photographic series, "By the oil´s side", consists of two parts. The first, "Side A" sample abandoned by the various oil companies spaces. Barns, homes and offices, the distant registration abúlico seeks to create a space analogy predatory behavior that man has in relation to the environment. The spaces photographed on Side A, seek to be a reflection of current behavior: used and discarded.

Side B is the direct consequence of the inhabitants of bodies. Following the invasion and disablement of these desert structures, villagers, mostly engaged in fishing, are held within their own home space. Having to adapt their homes and workplaces to areas that do not exceed 10 m2.

Together photographic proposal seeks to confront the man with man into space with the space. To demonstrate the behavior and brand footprint in society.

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