Stella Laurenzi


'Iftar', which literally means “breakfast” in Arabic, is the meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.

Days and nights are almost flipped around, quite and peaceful mornings as opposed to the lively and celebratory evenings. As the sunset approached, people patiently waited for the prayers announcing the end of their day-long fast.

The series 'Iftar' is about waiting, silence and reflection on what it’s to offer, where time flows almost imperceptibly in a dreamy and suspended atmosphere. The narrative focuses on what precedes the break of the fast: slowing down the pace of the bustling medinas, unwind to the stillness of the souks, strolling around desolated streets, sipping mint tea in empty cafes.

The photographs are the results of one month of flâneurism around Morocco, wandering around free from any itinerary.

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