All These Sleepless Days

Stella Laurenzi

2018 - Ongoing

This series is about familiar scents and memories from different times and places. What you see may not be what you see, and the tension between internal feelings and external reality arises.

Stemming from the concept of memories, I transcend the reality to express a surreal realm of human fantasies. Reality is deconstructed and reconstructed, favouring a free interpretation. While some places may feel familiar, they are steadily turning into uncanny states related to a dreamlike sphere.

It’s an urge to explore an obsession for lust and beauty. A universe of devotional passion, a moment of unconditional love and the thrill of desire. A sheer sensuous fantasy, an intimate ritual of an imaginary femme fatale who sees right through the fragile armour of men.

Under the bitter-sweet touch of dead flowers, like a secret that unfolds, comes a hint of suspended landscapes, fluid and flexible, which introduce what is to come. Carnal love, fingers that tighten on an empty bed, and the palpable presence of raw desire.

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  • Self Portrait (Une Nuit Nomade)

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