Emotional Alchemy

Sissel Annett

2020 - Ongoing

The light of the pale blue night rises, across the land, across my human light. Hundreds of lonely teardrops are falling from the sky, down on my broken soul. I see free birds in the black sky. Let me run away, show me the way to be free again. Underneath this lather, skin lies everything. Memories casts long shadows in the night, resisting the light in my heart to shine. They know only sorrow, feel only pain. Burning themselves through bone and skin, from inside out and pursuing down my human light. Release me now. Which wave will you ride on, the past or the future? I see the words how I choose to feel inside. I am my own tree of life, connecting my heart with my human soul. Holding on, the flame of gold. Hold on.

The latest series Emotional Alchemy is inspired by conversations with people who have been exposed to various traumatic events. In these conversations, they were asked what thoughts and feelings they have today about themselves and the world around them.

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