Iran Coming Soon

Simone Tramonte


Contemporary Iran is a country poised between the legacy of the Islamic Revolution, the desire for change spreading in the society and the constraints that citizens live every day, especially women. These are not only the main victims of religious ideology, but also one of the most critical voices against the system

Every February, 11th, Iran celebrates the advent of the Islamic revolution. 1979 is the year that changed the habits and customs of the modern Iran, and generated the shift from the skirts to the hjab. The Khomeinian Revolution swept away almost 200 years of modernization and Westernization conquered over time. The word Islam provides an idea of subjugation, repression, regression, especially for women. The hijab, the Islamic veil, can be regarded as the main symbol of denial of women and of their role in the society.

Yet, if in Iran women are perhaps the main victims of the system, they also form a social force whose criticism against religious power is the more conscious, dynamic, and legitimate. It takes bravery to be a woman in Iran.

This work shows how Iranian women navigate in the world around them and face their daily life, gathering for a hidden party on a roof, learning to drive, or shopping at a western style hypermarket.

It is a sort of rebellion, to seek joy, to laugh and play, to be seen when the law prefers to deny you.

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