Sara Esposito

2018 - 2019

Florence, Tuscany, Italy

The protagonists of this project are four fifteen-year-old friends, Irene, Rebecca, Ferruccio, and Dimitri, portrayed cross this short phase of their life. The photos speak of the ineluctable will to grow mixed with nostalgia for childhood and innocence. They are a reworking of the feelings of the adolescent universe expressed through their social profiles; the photos taken intersect with the social images thus making them an interpretative background. The narration of oneself and one's world, both internal and external, the expression of one's emotions and opinions, and in general the formation of the ego during the adolescent years, today cannot be separated from the use of social media, and of Instagram in particular. Through this channel we privilege visual content in the form of photography or short videos, the "stories", which have a duration of only 24 hours to transmit to the virtual audience the moving snapshots of ordinary moments, made special in this way. The entire project (herein excerpt) consists of a greater number of screenshots to underline the overabundance of visual content produced by social media. The posts/stories tell firsthand the aspects that characterize this age: cheekiness, fragility, contradictions, the affirmation of identity, fashions, recognizing oneself in a precise image, the need to feel appreciated, that of expressing appreciation, feeling part of a group, and drawing attention to oneself, new discoveries, excesses, fears, feeling great, pains and promises of love. The entire project becomes a public multimedia diary and the choral story of young people who weave their relationships not only live, but also and above all in a virtual way, and talks about how recognizing and protecting each other is fundamental in this age in search of oneself. {Note: the project was carried out with the consent and with the liberation signed by the parents of the minors portrayed}

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  • Instagram Caption:

    Rebecca: “We are the living anger of a dying planet”;
    Dimitri: “I unleash hell, like Dante”.

  • Dimitri publishes his "Disciplinary Notes":

    Professor: the pupil uses his mobile phone while the teacher is explaining grammar and doing exercises with his peers.
    Professor: The student, after being scolded several times because he chatted without producing any elaborate, is found playing tetris with his mobile phone. After being invited to reflect on the incident, his motivations were not yet respectful of the school context and therefore he is accompanied to the vice-presidency to be invited to greater reflection.

  • Irene: always the same story..

  • Instagram Caption:

    Irene: “Who is in the center this afternoon? Answer: I am/I am”;
    Dimitri: “Who is going out today? Answer: Yes / No”.

  • Rebecca: New post at 20 pm

  • Instagram Caption:

    Ferruccio: "Three new photos I care about";
    Irene: "Put a like to this beautiful boy."

  • Dimitri: "Ask me questions I'm getting boring".

  • Instagram Caption:

    A stranger: "I would like to know you better ..";
    Irene: "Try writing to me".

  • Rebecca asks upon the photo:
    it's ok / beautiful
    almost / no

  • Irene:" accomplices"

  • Irene asks for company: Yes / Yes
    Irene asks: "who would like to make a video call with me?" me / me
    Irene publishes the answers to the question: "what do you think of me?"
    1. you are a great person, we are getting very close and growing fond of
    2. your smile and your mood changes, I love you cherry tomato ..
    3. better if I don't say it
    4. now we have lost relationships, but you are always very nice

  • Instagram Caption:

    Rebecca: “Emotional intelligence. Rebecca and .... are very nice but he is a piece of shit and does not understand it. He has no emotional intelligence, not sure he has a normal one. ... is nice but he's a proud shit then he and Rebecca don't talk anymore, damn it. ...is beautiful but he does not think about Rebecca and Rebecca says fuck it, for him, she is one of many. Conclusion: Rebecca has a shitty life. Anyway, I wasn't particularly positive last week, that's it.”.

  • Instagram Caption: "we lost count"