When the Sun Sets

Sofie Flinth


After months of being here, all the brown hues in nature have turned green and the birds are singing louder; I noticed this the other day while photographing my sister lying in the grass, gazing at something in the distance. The sun rises and the sun sets. Repeatedly. I witnessed the super moon and took its photo. I lost the sense of time. I’m standing still while everything around me is spinning. I experience my first bloom in this deserted place and ask my sister if I can take another picture of her.

'When the Sun Sets' is a story centred around five female characters who are maintained in a staged reality. Detached from their accustomed surroundings artist and photographer Sofie Flinth (DK, 1996) portrayed the young women close to her. We see her family relatives and childhood friends in a deserted environment away from the cities and crowds, entering another reality; influenced by the passing of time and the pandemic that was closing in.

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  • The Garden

  • Mathilde

  • Milla

  • Mathilde

  • Signe

  • Super Moon

  • Mathilde

  • Julia and Malte

  • Her Hand

  • Siblings

  • Julia

  • Girl From Behind

  • Milla and Mathilde in The Garden

  • Julia

  • Self Portrait