Not east, not west .. India is the best

Sebastian Forkarth

For centuries going to India means more than going to most other places in the world: It is linked to a variety of Ideas more then to its geographic location.

The motivation might differ between economic, religious or personal reasons but the destination didn't change over the ages. Whereas back in colonial times traveling to india meant bringing civilization to the so defined wild, nowadays it might mean to flee civilization and seek for refugee in what seems to be left of the pure idea of exotic and wildness.

In conflict with the demands of a industrialized growing and self determined country, the idea of a paradisiac space is more and more artificially retained or even entire constructed. The work deals with the individual idea of paradise and how something ordinary may transform into extraordinary only through the shift of place. It is the quest for something undefined that home doesn’t seem to offer which drives us to this place looking for personal salvation in the foreign.

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