Shadows in the Wild

Sebastian Abugattas


United Kingdom

Shadows in the Wild-Cyanotype impressions of discarded objects.

This project is formed by a series of cyanotypes impressions made with objects that I found around my neighbourhood in Dalston, London. It deals with abandonment and neglect, not only of the objects found, but also of the people that used them. It is also a project about self-exploration and the need I have to feel part of a place; in a way these objects help me understand my surroundings and how I fit between them.

The reason I am doing cyanotype impressions is because they register the shadows of the objects, a negative imprint. I believe they unveil what we don’t want to show to anyone. We discard these objects with the hope of erasing the past and forgetting what we did.

The shadows become the only evidence of their temporary existence. Leaving us with clues about the people that used them, and with another chance to take part of a story.

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