Bird Song

Sebastian Palmer

2012 - Ongoing

I open my mouth to scream for help but all that escapes is silence.

I am caught in a continuous cycle, stuck on loop mode, with no way out. I am lost beneath layers of conditioning and I need to find the exit. I live a roller coaster of emotion and all I long for is peace. I have always felt as an outsider. Never fitting in. I understand what is expected of me but It doesn't feel right. This world confuses me.

Taking photos calms my mind and acts as a form of relief, a type of meditation. I noticed that I kept on being drawn to and capturing the same imagery. Landscapes, often solitary in nature; and dead birds. The images are a part of my visual diary and I came to understand that I was mapping my mind. A therapeutic process in which I was searching for the true me. Maybe of a way out.

I see beauty in the birds and they instil a sense of peace within me. I identify with them - they are that little voice deep down inside. Hidden behind the mask that we created. Buried away and ignored for far too long. They are that voice that keeps on trying to remind us who we really are and wants to know when we will let it be free.

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  • I long for peace

  • I fear failure

  • I am lost

  • I find it hard to love myself

  • I am lonely

  • I hide myself

  • I feel trapped

  • I am scared of the unknown

  • I am confused and angry