Sam De Buysere

2020 - Ongoing

His work attempts to counter impulses of historical foreclosure. In critical terms, meanwhile, he uses speculative fiction as a vehicle to resist the imposed order that time supposed. Within each work he deconstructs the form, placing himself as the alienated subject in a prefabricated cultural archetype. Through this process he questions our relationship with the narratives that surround and shape us, to find what forms the contemporary collective unconscious.

This by sourcing from the spectator’s intertextual habits; relying on recognisability and fragmentism. Aiming to avoid an ironic postmodern gesture and instead, construct fragments being worthy of consideration and reconsideration. Photographic tropes that are meticulously assembled, carrying value and meaning. Most importantly as clues not to be missed, not so much in what they show but rather in how they show. Constructed through careful selection and association.

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