Two and Two Make Five

Sam De Buysere

2020 - Ongoing

In the series Two and Two Make Five, Sam De Buysere conveys through speculative fiction the repetitive character of dystopian patterns during fast forward historical processes. By presenting humankind as trapped within contemporary geometries, he aims to prompt a reflection upon the struggle of the post-modern condition, a golden cage we built that has eventually escaped our control. In addition to being concerned with what the slanted equation of a dystopian present can tell us about the conditions of its production, Sam wants to develop an argument regarding the politics and ideology of the formal components of these narratives. Perhaps, most importantly, is the broader political and social historical backdrop against which the development of this idea of “two plus two equals five (2+2=5)” takes place. This is to say that historical conditions are not just a backdrop for such fiction, but are intimately connected to its production, forming part of a terrain of 'exchange,' 'negotiation, "resistance,' and 'incorporation' where the construction of the political and the type of politics it engenders is formed.

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