Shhhhh... please be quiet!!!

Savvas Kois

2019 - 2020

Chaniá, Crete, Greece

I think almost every people, has at least one experience of a hospital, as a visitor or even as a patient, so this project is about the time, as passing by in a hospital at nights, and began somehow like that...

Shhhhh... please be quiet!!! Was the lead nurse who made us a second observation. Actually, there were a lot of visitors in the hospital corridor making a lot of annoying hum. After all, it was late and the visiting time was over, we had to leave...

And then, it's the same corridors that change view, the lights are dimming, the silence is almost deathly, only nurses appear momentarily to disappear at the same time in a patient room as if they have teleportation abilities.

It's when the building looks like tο has only one entrance and only one exit. Once you enter, time takes on another dimension, rolling more slowly or faster depending on human endurances, both for patients and working staff.

The theory of relativity in a small spacetime universe, trapped within the boundaries of the building, which its exit often leads to the infinite universe.

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