Ukrainian Railroad Ladies

Sasha Maslov

2018 - Ongoing

Ukrainian Railroad Ladies is a series of portraits of people who work as traffic controllers and safety officers at railroad crossings in Ukraine. They spend their long shifts in the little houses built along the tracks specifically for them. It’s a series that studies Ukrainian rural and suburban landscapes where the exteriors of these railroad houses play a prominent role. It's looking into the intimate details of the interiors and invites the viewer to meet the Railroad Ladies themselves. This project is also an exploration of why this profession still exists in the 21st century, given the almost full automatization of railroad crossings in Ukraine and around the world. It’s a study of the anthropological and social aspects of this profession and the role and importance of the railroad in general in Ukraine.

The country has been consumed by political turmoil: a war in the East and loss of its territory to an aggressive neighbor, never mind the endless corruption and permanently troubled economy. In Ukraine, people pay little attention to the women they see from a train window, standing and most often holding a folded yellow flag (a sign to the train engineer that all is well on the tracks ahead).

And although the country and the world are consumed with much larger issues, the people with folded yellow flags play a big, yet silent role in Ukrainian every day life.

In the storm, it’s often hard to see the lighthouse. Ukrainian Railroad Ladies are that lighthouse. They are a symbol of certain things in this country that don’t change, standing firm in the present as a defiant nod to the past. Unfazed by the passing of trains and time, they are here to stay.

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  • Filatova Tetiana Ivanivna
    271 km crossing
    Cisdnieper Railway (PZ)

  • Alina Derevianko
    276 km crossing
    Cisdnieper Railway (PZ)

  • Blagoodna Lyudmila Fedorivna
    37 km crossing, Libedyn station
    Southwestern Railways

  • Borovyk Valentyna Viktoriivna
    77 km, Pereyslavska Station
    Southwestern Railways

  • Zhanura Galyna Vasilyivna
    126 km crossing, Yezupil station
    Lvivska Railroad

  • Pavlyuk Ivanna Ivanivna
    60 km crossing, Yaremche-Desyatyn Distance
    Lvivska Railroad

  • Serykova Yelena Wolodymiryvna
    786 km crossing, Passanger park Pokotylovka
    Southern Railways

  • Evstigneeva Svitlana Oleksiivna
    137 km Poltava-Pivdenna Station
    Southern Railways

  • Momot Lyudmyla Sergiivna
    1 km of Lozivska Distance
    Southern Railways

  • Sologub Oksana Volodymirivna
    322 km Crossing of Poltava-Kyiv distance
    Southern Railways

  • Reshetchenko Svitlana Sergiivna
    319 km Crossing of Poltava-Kyiv - Suprunivka distance
    Southern Railways

  • Gunbina Valentina Mykolaivna
    83 km crossing, Kolomak Station
    Southern Railways

  • Dezyuba Yelena Illinychna
    49km crossing, Baraboy-Bugaz distance
    Odessa Railroad

  • Lunina Tetyana Dmytriivna
    Zatoka Station
    Odessa Railroad

  • Gerega Valentyna Vasylivna
    Stopping platform Zabolotne,
    1218 km crossing of Knyazhevo-Kryzhopyl distance
    Odessa Railroad

  • Dobronozhenko Tetyana Grygorivna
    208 km crossing, Smila station
    Odessa Railroad

  • Hanna Harlamova
    987 km crossing, Aromatna-Pavlograd distance
    Cisdnieper Railways

  • Mosoyan Natalia Volodymmirivna
    950 km crossing, Blyznyuky-Dubovo distance
    Donetsk Railroad

  • Nadia Danilyvna Ivantsova
    12 km crossing, Brusyn-Prydonetska distance
    Donetsk Railroad