Searching for Blue Mountains

Sara Szymańska


Vietnam; Cambodia; Laos

Some time ago, I found myself on a plane heading for Vietnam. Surrounded by strangers, I felt lost as never before. By that time I have finished school, dropped out of college, lived abroad. I was constantly searching for this that others seemed to have already found, and that I could never grasp. I thought a journey of solitude would be my last chance to become... normal. To make me whole. But the alien world around me, devoid of anything familiar, isolated me from the experience, exposed my weakness, forced me to turn inward. And now, after two years, I still have no idea how those two lonely months on the other side of the world influenced me. But there is nothing I desire more, than to hop on a plane and search for those blue mountains once more.

Comprised of diary entries, drawings and photographs, the project provides a window into the travel of a terribly lost young girl, who tries to capture the familiar within the unfamiliar as a means to survive.

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