The year of the Golden mouse

Sara Munari

2020 - 2021

This is my real horoscope dedicated to the year 2020. In January 2020 I took a trip to China. I came back really sick (it was just the start of a disastrous year for me and my family) and of what would happen next, for Covid, no one knew yet. I no longer looked at the photographs I had taken during my stay in China, but now that I have resumed work on the images taken, I think they were a premonition. In the work I present, I have related the photographs taken, in China, with my 2020 horoscope. The work was finished in 2021. The color photographs representing the animals of a hypothetical Chinese horoscope. All images are produced in China, during the month of January 2020, just before the total closure in Italy.

2020 will be a great year for money and success as well as for interpersonal relationships. In this year it will therefore be easier to build important relationships, meet your soul mate and start paths that will lead to a happy life.

In fact, the mouse symbolizes new life, new beginnings and the growth of everything that has been worked for over the years.

Since the Rat is the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac, symbolically this is not just the beginning of a new year but of a whole new cosmic cycle.

The Rat is associated with Earth and Midnight, and is "by nature" a Yang sign. It represents the beginning of a new day, industriousness, the accumulation of wealth, fertility, the ability to have many healthy children and material abundance. Mice are intelligent and wise animals, who know how to be satisfied with what they have and maintain the goal of leading a peaceful and serene life.

The Metal Rat generally characterizes a more stable and reliable period from a material point of view. The next twelve months are therefore suitable for reaping the fruit of the previously prepared work and beginning to "stock up" (as rats do in their burrows), as well as for turning a potentially unfortunate situation, into a success.

Happy 2020, year of the Golden mouse to everyone!

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