Sarah Pezdek

2017 - Ongoing

This project was initially conceived as a commentary on “creative block” often experienced amongst artists, musicians and writers - showing the human form in a self imposed barrier regardless of the inspiration provided to them by their surrounding environment. During the course of it’s evolution over the past 3 years, I began to realize the impact the project could have as an activism piece towards the awareness of climate change and environmental disaster and serve as a way of possibly benefitting the world as opposed to simply making a statement. The box used in the piece is intended to represent the man made barriers we have set up against nature, both physically and mentally - the box suggests a disconnect and interruption with the natural world, and the surrounding environment. The human form, turned away both in ignorance to the gravity of the effect of the barriers and vulnerability at the same time because of it’s interconnection to it’s surrounding environment serves as an vessel for change. The current direction of this series is meant to spark an emotional response to the impact of climate change and environmental disasters in an effort to inspire change on an individual level.

This disconnect has created a mindset of humanity being separate from nature, and on an individual level, has fostered the mentality that climate change will not have a direct and personal effect on us and individual actions will make little difference in the race for affecting climate change. This project intends to use art in the form of photographs in various locations already impacted by climate change, or in need of protection, to alter that mindset and bring to light a new perspective that personalizes climate change and makes the issue more relatable on an individual level in order to convey the need for personal responsibility in response to this crisis.

The images from this series will serve as the catalyst for a new dialog and recognition of individual and personal responsibility we need to put forth in an effort to alter our current lifestyle to create positive and effective change. We are forever interconnected and dependent on nature, regardless of the barriers we construct - and this man made problem requires a man made solution. This project puts the individual in the forefront of the issue in areas that have already been notably impacted by climate change to show that regardless of our self imposed barriers to change and awareness, this issue is surrounding and affecting us all. We are as vulnerable to destruction as the world around us because we have become interdependent on each other to continue to survive and thrive. This series highlights that connection on a personal, human level.

Art has the unique distinction of being a medium that can elicit emotional response to issues. The goal of this series is to inspire people to take action by highlighting the gravity of the situation in a real, personal and tangible way - by connecting the human element with the environment and showing that if we continue to ignore this issue, ultimately we are doing detriment to ourselves.

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