Sarah Pezdek

2016 - Ongoing

Pezdek’s PHOBIAS expose the absurdist, fearful tendencies from which we all suffer. Concurrently, there is a powerfully implicit optimism running through each work which is conveyed by elegantly mannered elements of form.

Pezdek’s images are allegorical expressions of specific and unusual phobias such as the fear of paper and the fear of being tied up. She creates a voyeuristic quality of witnessing someone’s deepest fears which are tangibly exposed in contorted postures and literally overtaken by objects. Distilled down to their essence, these phobias are not simply the insane products of one person’s bizarre imagination; more profoundly, they represent a perverseness universal to humankind, primal fear.

The muted tones of Pezdek’s 12 images express the effects fear has on the human condition. Lacking as the subjects are in a robustness of life, we observe how giving into baseness reduces us and imprisons us. We become slaves to our fears. To be confronted by one who is phobic and paralyzed by a bunch of balloons, for instance, it is plain to see the ridiculous power we allow fear to wield over ourselves. Pezdek’s sober palette also adds a clinical feel to the imagery and offers the viewer a rational approach to the irrational.

Through confrontation of fear -Pezdek’s magnificently artful version of Exposure Therapy- it is possible to overcome these manufactured and self-imposed obstacles. Gazing upon another, we see ourselves. In recognition, there is beauty.

The heart of Pezdek’s work lies within the investigation of various enigmas within the human condition as an abstract exploration of its intricacies and idiosyncrasies. Relying on empirical truths and experience of the observed world, Pezdek unveils the psychological aspects of perception in order to ignite a dialog with the audience. Whether that conversation be internal or external, it is an invitation to interrogate our conditioning. Pezdek’s work is a projection of various connections, barriers, beauty and psychology to better understand how the lives we live are directly affected by our personal states of consciousness and awareness.

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  • Mycophobia

  • Anthropomorphobia

  • Aichophobia

  • Globophobia

  • Merinthophobia

  • Melophobia

  • Aerophobia

  • Trypophobia

  • Papryphobia

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