Sarah Brittain Edwards

2017 - Ongoing

After being stunned by the birth of my daughter, just over 11 years ago, I lost all of my desire to be creative, and felt like I had lost a part of my identity that I had always known.

This void was now filled with the overwhelming and dominating sense of undying love for this tiny new being. The fake and the contrived world that I had lived in before now meant nothing to me. and I no longer wanted to be part of it.

In 2017, as my daughter entered her 10th year, I discovered a yearning and a strong desire to create - but this time not to fit into a box, not to contrive, to impress or to conform to anyone, but just simply to create just for me.

This is how project 'Daughter' was born.

Up until now, we have had a rocky relationship - becoming used to each others moods and emotions and accepting who we are as individuals. 'Daughter' explores how I see my daughter. and how reachable and yet unreachable she can be at the same time - when I catch her intense gaze - how I know I will never truly know her inner thoughts - they belong to her and not to me - how the moments of mundane day to day life have become captured snatches of time that have a thousand things to say, but without any words.

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  • Waiting

  • Daughter

  • Rockpool

  • Eleven

  • Sick At Grandads

  • Self-Conscious In The Woods

  • Early Thursday Morning

  • Tilly Alone

  • Sunday Is Hair Wash Night

  • Hidden In The Woods

  • Angry In The Woods