Published on 11th June 2015

Just Mothers

  • Daiana (left) and Stefi at Stefi's house in Monte Chingolo, Lanús, Province of Buenos Aires.

  • Dai and Maite, her daughter.

  • Dai, Maite, Mia and Stefi at the zoo in Palermo, Buenos Aires. It was the first time Dai has ever been to a zoo in her life.

  • Maite with a doll during a visit with her mother at Stefi's place.

  • Stefi, Dai's halfsister Marianela, Maite and Mia at Daiana's old place in Monte Chingolo

  • Dai smokes a cigarette before a trial. She was innocently accused of attempted murder while she was actually the victim. She spent three month in jail without her daughter before the trial even started where she was beaten up several times. The judges declared her innocent and the two sisters who accused her are to be judged because of false testimony.

  • Sometimes love finds it's way again into the life of the girls. Dai and Fernando.

  • Daiana's old place in Monte Chingolo.

  • Stefi and Dai take a selfie at a diner

  • Dai and her ex-boyfriend and father of Maite hold a baby of a neighbor while Maite gets jealous

  • Stefi smokes a cigarette on the street in Monte Chingolo, while Maite and Mia play together.

  • Dai holds up Maite in their new small house in Florencio Varela. It's the first time they have a place for themselves and a garden, so there's no more danger of big streets nearby.

  • Dai's sister Mika comforts her before the trial for attempted homicide. If she had been declared guilty, she would have gone to jail for up to 15 years. She was declared innocent and the sisters who accused her are to be judged for false testimony. Dai spend three month while actually being the victim in jail in Batan, Province of Buenos Aires.

  • Stefi and Dai laugh at Mia's first birthday party.

  • Stefi takes a break while cooking and let's the sun comfort her face in Monte Chingolo, Lanús, Province of Buenos Aires.

Just Mothers

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