Weites Feld (Wide Field)

Sarah Walzer

2016 - Ongoing

The little village I grew up in was founded in 1824 by a few settlers, giving a new home to their religious ideals. Agriculture for livelihood and the establishment of social institutions as habitat for people in need form the origin of the village and shape it to this day.

Amongst others numerous people with mental and physical disabilities live in the community and are integral part oft the everyday villagescape. In my mind’s eye I see them walking through the streets, rhythmic and decelerated, putting a spell of vulnerability on the place. The immediacy of their expression touches and inspires me.

It took a while, until I felt my photographic interest drawn back to my homeplace. I have been taking pictures there for several years now and watch intently how my erxperience and therefore my pictures condense. The camera makes transparent how much time and distance it takes to see something familiar for what is, pay undivided attention and reveal its meaning.

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