Thirtysix Cursed Photographs - PhMuseum

Thirtysix Cursed Photographs

Santiago Martinelli

2020 - Ongoing

This work seeks to reinterpret photographs taken from Instagram accounts ascribed to the “Cursed Images” trend, by re-photographing them multiple times and then materializing them, analogically, in a film with thirty-six photographs. My work around them is based on the same processes that they have gone through over and over again when being appropriated and reappropriated countless times on the internet. Their authorship, which is almost communal, states that its value is specially symbolic.

If these photographs carry a curse, it is because of their uses, from how they have been interpreted and uploaded multiple times on the internet, and then catalogated and trivializated, to be consumed generically within social media. Their aura, which becomes ghostly, is revealed in the process of this work, clarifying me a possible reason why these photographs are cursed. They function as questions, in their form and in their content. They ask about a lot of things and don’t give chance to unique answers, acting like this independently of who reads them and the context in which they are seen. It is in their multiple reuses that this is evidenced.

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