Miracle robots

Sameer Tawde

2009 - 2015


This body of work studies and documents the Indian robots and its milieu within the urban landscape. It showcases the vibe in this world of local Indian robots and how they are constructed and then culturally implemented through festivals.

This Indian robot culture approximately started in the early 70’s and after four decades enjoys an admired position in the various socio-religious spaces in terms of the Indian popular culture.

It is a unique experience to see various Hindu Gods, deities and other mythological animals as moving figures with mechanical devises. Adapted from the many mythological stories, these robots in the various forms of God are primarily used for cultural strengthening. They are placed as installations in open and closed environments during the festivals in Mumbai and other cities.

Obviously these automata as such have become old-fashioned attraction in contemporary society with far more advanced technology as well as diversified entertainments in globalised media world, but from an another perspective these seemingly old-fashioned and often kitschy looking robots of gods and goddesses still convey the dreams and desires of common people which cannot be materialised in more contemporary media.

Miracle Robots is a take on the multiplying robots and humans and their interactions.

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