Dialogues of an Introvert

Sameer Tawde

2016 - Ongoing

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This work is based on the opposing concept of the real and the imaginary.

The photographs are split into two chapters.

In Chapter one, it does a social, political and environmental commentary and in the Chapter two;

it elopes the current scenario to pursue a dream like utopia; a fantasy world.

I create these images by using everyday objects and settings, where the space or the overall scenario is reflected in de-familiarising ways. My attempt is to suggest new paths of connecting human beings to their infrastructure and environment.

In addition to showing of everyday objects and situations in novel ways,

“Dialogues of an Introvert” also centers around illusions and this is achieved with an approach of making miniature sets, backgrounds and also building and setting up life size installations and sculptures on the locations to create these images.

In short, it is my take on the human psyche, while observing the present and also reflecting the future.

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  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_One_001

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_One_Triptych_002

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_One_003

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_One_004

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_One_Diptych_005

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_One_006

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_One_007

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_One_Triptych_008

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_One_Diptych_009

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_Two_010

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_Two_011

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_Two_012

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_Two_013

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_Two_014

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_Two_015

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_Two_016

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_Two_017

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_Two_018

  • Dialogues_of_an_Introvert_Chapter_Two_019