Mosaic Clubhouse

Sam Ivin

2018 - 2020

United Kingdom

Mosaic Clubhouse aims to bring people with mental health issues out of isolation. The clubhouse approach to recovery emphasises community and coproduction; it is deliberately understaffed so its members are encouraged to take part in the day-to-day running of the centre, enabling them to meet new people and build their confidence. 

Through numerous visits, Ivin has created a series of collaborative collage portraits exploring members’ identities. Each person decorates their own portrait using images they feel best represent themselves, giving us an insight into their lives and time at Mosaic.

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Part of All Change Photographic (, a group project where 13 photographers documented the last stops on the London Underground.

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  • Christine, member since 2012

  • Vincent, member since 2016

  • Musalman

  • Idara, member since 2019

  • Ebrahim, member since 2006

  • Niryozina

  • Adrian, member since 2018

  • Kehinde, member since 2017

  • Shailoe, member since 2014

  • Deborah, member since 2017

  • Nadia, member since 2008

  • Rob, member since 2016