Inside Us

Sofia Aldinio

2018 - Ongoing

In 2018, we drastically changed our family dynamic, moving into a small vehicle that we transformed into our home. After many years of struggling with our choices and us, as a family unit, constantly trying to fit in into the American Dream of buying a house, getting steady paychecks, life insurance and mortgages, we decided to embark on a journey to discover and reignite our own family identity. Through liberated freedom and daunting uncertainty in daily confrontation with what we left behind, we walk the tightrope of affirmation and doubt, while living in constant change.

Inside Us is a vulnerable and intimate quest by one family to brazenly buck societal norms to unearth what can be learned by engaging in the raw outdoors and begs the question of why is there no longer a desire to explore and interact with wilderness, in a way that we get immersed and lost in it? What happens when that threshold is crossed - can one ever return and plug back in? As parents of this generation, are we doing everything we can to facilitate access, protect and guide experiences?

According to a 2019 Outdoor Foundation Study, nearly half of the U.S. population doesn’t participate in any outdoor recreation at all, and only 17.9 percent got out at least once a week in 2018.

With the speed of knowledge, it feels as if every corner of the world has been explored, leaving many wondering how learning from the outdoors could facilitate growth in our society. Whatever the case, the truth of the matter is people are disconnecting from the outdoors and we are losing wild spaces. The children are the most affected, for they have no reference besides their current state.

Through this project I seek to capture the freedom we feel, and the questions we ask to inspire others to turn towards nature, not just technological growth at all costs. The experiences we purposefully cultivate for our family is our stand to fight for a different way. To remain connected to a past while using my medium and voice to guide future education, choice and reconnection with the outdoors. Over years, I am deepening this important work, discovering the feeling inside other families and am confident that this matters.

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  • Running in the snow, Colin Boyd.

  • Alfonso Boyd, hiding under the covers.

  • Sofia Aldinio and Colin Boyd in their converted vehicle.

  • Alfonso Boyd, exploring the lava tubes in the Mojave Desert Preserve.

  • Night swim. Colin Boyd, Camilo Boyd.

  • Alfonso Boyd in his mobile home.

  • Tree shadow.

  • Colin Boyd, early morning.

  • Hot springs in Eden, Utah,

  • Body detail. Colin Boyd.

  • Night fire, while camping out in New Zealand.