The Secrets of the Mother Mountain

Sabrina Caramanico

2018 - Ongoing

This is the journey to the Mother Mountain, the Majella, guardian of generations, in whose shadow ancient myths, superstitions and tales come alive. In her profile we recognize the face of the Goddess Maja who rests here eternally side by side with her son Hermes.

A deep, secret and obscure place, where traces of a far mankind’s past merge with nature. The very boundaries between “human” and “nature” is so fine that it is somehow evanescent. In the ever changing landscape, we find echoes of stories and lives that took place in the shadow of the mountain massif; these lives follow one after the other, one over the other consequently and leave clear traces of thousands of years of coexistence and symbiosis.

It's in that place, in between the mutable landscape and dark woods that we discover traces of myths and archaic legends, mysterious rituals, holy homages to the Mother Goddess, giver of live and death. Man is fusing with the earth, he joins the earth, in an embrace made of necessity and pride, an embrace that have forged and still forges the soul of the people living in these isolated lands, difficult places and of majestic charm, poor and lonely places.

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