Shutô Kôsoku

Ryû Janvier


Today, the fast road network plays an important role in the mobility of goods and people. But it generates social discrimination, pollution and territorial partitioning.

My work focuses on the elevated roads of the Shutô Kôsoku which is a network of toll roads of the city of Tokyo.

"Order and disorder", that are the characteristics of this sprawling city, composed of successive additions without any research of visual harmony. Far from its Cartesian diagrams of the city to which he is accustomed, foreign walker is forced to wander, to walk, to be caught short at any time.

These roads, which can serve as a guide in our travels, force us to have a different scale where any usual altimetry disappears. Their monstrous sprawling architectures create a visual impact by comparing them with other usual elements of the city, such as residential buildings, kindergartens, parks, street furniture ...

Despite this visual contrast, those roads, that intertwine over our heads, do not mark frontiers and do not divide the territory. Instead, they seem integrated into the landscape and forms a kind of road bloodstream of the city.

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