Published on 4th July 2017

wine collection

  • Collector said "The year when I like it, I will arrange all of these five chateau wines".

  • Collector said "My daughter was born in 1999. I collected these wines one day to share with my daughter".

  • Collector said "I collect wines that I think are important years to me. For example, the year my wife was born. Year when the company was opened".

  • Collector said " I have a small wine bar. These wines are those I can confidently recommend. I chose a wine with a good balance between quality and price".

  • Collector said " I run a French restaurant in Ginza. These wines thought of pairing with my plate".

  • Collector said "I am considering wine as one of investment targets".

  • Collector said "I am collecting Japanese wine. I know that there are many excellent wines in Japanese wine".

  • Collector said "I love PETRUS".

  • vintage when I was born. Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1978.

wine collection

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