Ohwada Ryo

2009 - 2011


The bonsai I took is a collection of museums specializing in bonsai located in Omiya, Japan. These bonsai has been inherited by various bonsaiists from the Meiji era or even a long time ago. These tree species are various, including pine and plum, but especially pine is a tree that has been loved as a special tree from ancient times for Japanese. Pine trees, which are evergreens, do not change much in shape throughout the year. The bonsaiists looks at this pine through the four seasons, and see magnificent scenery and condensed nature there. I interviewed the bonsaiists about the viewpoint of each bonsai and took a picture based on that viewpoint. I regularly take a picture for a year and finally a collage as a picture. Rainy. Clear sky. Sunset. a hot day. There are various appearance in the bonsai seen under each weather, technique by human hand appears.

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  • Chihiro x Soukaku

  • Chiyonomatsu

  • Bunjin style

  • Chihiro

  • Goyomatsu

  • Hakuun

  • Ishitsuki style

  • Yoseue style

  • Heinz

  • Seiryu

  • Shiraito

  • Todoroki

  • Plum

  • Uzushio