Safe Heaven (Purple)

Ruth Prieto


This is the second chapter of the series Safe Heaven. Her name is Maribel and her color is purple.

I have photographed migrant women at their homes and during their daily lives. Homes have deep emotional meaning. Through their homes we get to know them, their motivations, their thoughts and aspirations along with the conditions they live in revealing how much they have achieved and struggled. They have painted and decorated their rooms according to their own personal story and choice. With both chapters I am exploring the notion of safety and confidence in relation to spaces.

Safe Heaven is a new interpretation of immigration using color as a unifying metaphor of diversity and acceptance.

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  • A Virgin of Guadalupe´s toy on the shelve. In the background a Barbie figure stands along with all the other toys.

  • Sisters share the bed while playing.

  • Maribel dresses her older daughter Sherlyne.

  • Rests of food on the table.

  • Maribel (21) lives in two bedroom apartment. She shares one room with her husband a two daughters. They live with another Mexican family.

  • A barbie doll stands on the shelve.

  • Maribel has been pregnant for six months. She has been married for two years. Her husband works double shifts and gets home very late. She usually stays home and takes care of her little girls Sherlyne (2) and Evelyn (9 months).

  • Maribel struggles with the kid who had been sick and refuses to eat.

  • Sherlyne (2) plays with her roommate´s playmat.