Rosalia Angel

2018 - Ongoing

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain; Valencia, Spain

Discrimination against women at work, in social relations and even in sex still has a big presence in today’s society. The topic of female sexual pleasure is a big taboo that brings along lots of fears and questions.

Traditionally male sexual pleasure has been the core element in sexual relations, while female pleasure has been seen as something "dirty", "dark" or "inappropriate". Men are always the initiators of sexual interaction and not women. Female sexual desire and pleasure don’t exist, and when they do it is just for men to use and consume, turning women into sex objects. The same androcentric patterns are reproduced in mainstream pornography.

This kind of thinking jeopardizes the female sexual health, since among other things, it causes lots of women to ignore their own pleasure and end up treating sexual relations as one chore more. Sexual health can and does affect our daily lives and our relationships with others. Enjoying a good sex life, without any kind of taboos or fears, plays an important part in building a solid self-esteem. Accepting that we women have sexual desire and being able to enjoy it freely is a way of loving ourselves. Because of this, I have decided to title my work Ama't, which means "love yourself" in Valencian.

Subverting advertising’s lenguage, Ama’t complains against female sexualization in the media, but it also normalizes a healthy and positive female sexuality. Ama’t turns sexualization into sexuality.

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