Modifying on the Mississippi

Rory Doyle

2020 - Ongoing

United States

Even before America was founded, civilizations have been heavily impacted by the Mississippi River and its surrounding landscape. As the climate continues to change, everyone and everything connected to the river is adapting at an unparalleled rate.

These changes have been devastating to ecosystems, farmers, industries and communities based near the river, many of them in rural locations. “Modifying on the Mississippi” visualizes the constant state of fluctuation found along the lower Mississippi River, from St. Louis heading south.

This project shines light on these overlooked stories of change.. The project will pay extra attention to rural locations where media resources are sparse. Being based in the remote Mississippi Delta, I strongly advocate for stories from rural America. This work serves an educational purpose, enlightening viewers at the significance of the river, and the many ways our country depends on it.

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  • Quentin (left) and Jamie Morales hoop net for catfish in Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana, USA.

  • A barge works its way downstream in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

  • Squirrel hunter Annie Mendoza, 85, poses for a portrait outside her hunting cabin in Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana, USA.

  • Jerry Evans Jr. harvests rice at his family’s farm in Symonds, Mississippi.

  • Cypress trees decorate the landscape of a small oxbow lake on the Mississippi River near Fort Adams, Mississippi, USA.

  • The moon shines through bottomland hardwood forest illuminated by a headlight on the banks of the Mississippi River near Farrell, Mississippi, USA.

  • Crew Members organize a barge at the Port of Rosedale in Rosedale, Mississippi, USA.

  • First light casts on Native American mounds at the Winterville Mounds site in Winterville, Mississippi, USA.

  • Josh Dupre (left to right), Ryan Mabile and Trent Alleman secure an alligator during a gator hunt near Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana, USA.

  • Last light casts over the Mississippi River and the Port of Rosedale in Rosedale, Mississippi, USA.

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