Romina Ressia

2017 - Ongoing

Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina

0-100 is an ongoing project of a hundred portraits of people from zero to a hundred years old. There is one person of each age.

All of them were asked about their life, questions about their deepest fears, memories, dreams, etc. Here, I chose to show their answers about which are their best memories. Those can be found on each pic's description.

The people who took part on this is in general people that I didn't know personally but who were interested to take part on the series. Also some friends and relatives were portrayed.

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  • Agustin (4) - Best Memory: "When Batman came home to eat cookies"

  • Candela (18) - Best Memory: "One afternoon, on my graduation trip, when I realized I had fallen in love for the first time"

  • Carmela (19) - Best Memory: "One sunday, at the early september, in the river near home. The air smelled like summer, there were my friends"

  • Luna (20) - Best Memory: "The winter in Mar del Plata (where I used to live)"

  • Zoila (21) - Best Memory: "Travelling with friends"

  • Lina (24) - Best Memory: "The moments with my mom, after long time without her"

  • Chantal (26) - Best Memory: "Christmas in family"

  • Rocio (27) - Best Memory: "Days at my maternal grandmother's house"

  • Angeles (30) - Best Memory: "My friends"

  • Maria (31) - Best Memory: "I went to Brazil, alone and spontaneously, to see a music band that I liked. I was 19. I traveled by bus to São Paulo first and from there to Curitiba.
    In Curitiba the show was canceled. I walked all the city alone, looking for the music band, but they weren't there. The taxi took me everywhere for free, it seems he felt sorry for me. I ate the burger (the only word I had learned). I took the bus and went back to the station. At midnight I traveled back to San Pablo. In the bus I met a boy and we kissed. Then he accompanied me to the subway, where my Brazilian friend was waiting for me.
    The following day I saw the band in that city and it was one of the best shows in my life."

  • Emmanuel (32) - Best Memory: "My mom's laugh"

  • Marcela (42) - Best Memory: "My father"

  • Cecilia (34) - Best Memory: "To climb the trees and play with my cousins"

  • Martin (43) - Best Memory: "Trips with friends"

  • Graciela (50) - Best Memory: "My Dad"

  • Mario (59) - Best Memory: "My Father"

  • Carlos (73) - Best Memory: "My childhood and my maternal grandparents"

  • Cora (80) - Best Memory: "My grandchildren's birth"

  • Horacio (84) - Best Memory: "My Family"

  • Rosario (89) - Best Memory: "My grandchildren"